Central to Sin Mui's work are forms from nature, a source of inspiration, and also used in the arts and culture in her native country, Malaysia.

Her work aims to capture the freshness of nature, its creativity and the stages of life.  Whilst working with fresh 'specimens' of plants Sin Mui senses her connection with these regenerating living systems,  perpetually changing - a transient process which is implicit in the reality and the beauty of their structure and pattern.

Having experimented with various mediums and materials, colour pencils have been the main medium of choice for last several years.  The basis of her practice is freehand intricate drawings on paper, some are cut-out by hand and box-framed or developed for installation.  Over the last couple of year Sin Mui has been working on delicate drawing surfaces.  This includes very fine silky eastern paper for drawing on both sides of the paper, the use metallic paint, or incorporating silver and gold leaf.  Taking these drawings outside paper, she has drawn on eggs, and making seed-like structures out of moulding clay as an on-going project.   Exploring printmaking more recently, she revisits painting with oils.

Though her work is inspired by the natural world, Sin Mui's practice connects with experiences of her travels, memory and identity.  Coming from the Far East, her thoughts link with the lifeforms of the tropics, the rainforest and sea with its density and multiples.

Since graduating with First Class Honours in Fine Arts Degree in 2007,  she has shown her work in touring exhibitions and selected exhibitions some of which include ArtSway 2007, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2008, Omphalos, Bari Italy 2009, National Open Art 2010 and Science Museum London 2011.